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About the Initiative
The European Cryonic Law and Policy Research Initiative is a non-profit legal research initiative created by Lawyer Jordi Sandalinas to study the main legal issues around the legality of cryonics in Europe, according to the laws already established with the aim to encourage national and international organizations to enact legal instruments in favor of Human Cryopreservation when possible.
As a research initiative, it propounds the establishment of a systematic investigation and a scientific research to establish facts or principles and to collect information on cryopreservation with the aim to solve the current lack of regulatory legal framework. Hence, once Human Legal Death is already declared by authorities Crypreservation could be a reality once laws regulate such practices. Discussions are raised since Crypreservation could be considered as a type of embalming protocol. However, the finality is not to bury the human remains once the legal death is declared, but to store the human patient at the cryopreservation facilities located around the world. Thus, a second chance could be given to the cryopatient once technology allows to heal him/her. Several Societies and Foundations are advocating for Longevity and Cryopreservation as well. Even Cryopreservation has won court cases so the last will of the deceased person is respected, but laws do not provide for an effective response in favor of Cryopreservation. The debate is now open for discussion.

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This is a research legal Initiative carried out by Lawyer Jordi Sandalinas, the main objectives are the following:
– Investigate the legal situation of cryonics in Europe
– Publication of articles specialized in legal matters
– Unify criteria in Europe
– Conduct lectures, presentations
– Collaborate in work groups
– Collaborate at the level of creating effective laws
– Collaborate at local administration level
– Collaborate at European institutional level
– Creating a uniform Regulatory framework throughout the European
Union in the field of cryopreservation
– Establishing uniform policies and protocols for preparation,
transfer and cryopreservation at Spanish, European and World level
Legal mechanisms in Cryonics
Cryonics require highly specialized skills and deep knowledge of the existing framework, in this regard, from a legal level, it is possible to encounter the following needs:
1. Negotiation of private documents with Relevant Entities
2. Contracts, drafting, negotiation, insurance, securities, taxation
3. Preparation of notarial documents, wills, bequests, etc …
4. Estate Planning / Agreements with Heirs
5. Formation of capital management companies
6. Trust creation
7. Constitution of foundations
8. Other private legal acts in relation to cryopreservation
9. Assistance in legal proceedings
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